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Actually, Ankerberg relates the anecdote this way,

And, perhaps even more suggestive, according to Senior Pastor Jess Moody of the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California, "Lie detector tests were administered to more than 25,000 people. One of the questions was, ‘Do you believe in God?’ In every case, when a person answered no, the lie detector said he was lying." 8


8 Cited in Los Angeles Times, June 28, 1986. We could not confirm this research. Convinced philosophical atheists clearly could pass lie detector tests since these measure conviction of belief. But such results, if valid, clearly show that the more garden-variety practical, as opposed to philosophical atheists really aren’t so sure of their views.
This telling, which exposes atheists' true convictions about God, makes a little more sense, at least from the perspective of an Ankerberg follower.

Anyway, this just goes to show that it's always the atheist who falls for the colander/photocopier trick.

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