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Default Polygraphs say God doesn't exist

Comment: Polygraphs & athiests, part 1:

Since I'm not at home, I lack all my resources so in the next few days
I'll be sending more.

On two occasions that I know of, a local man has had printed by the
Oakland Press (Pontiac, MI) letters with this: "In one study men were
connected to polygraph machines and asked, 'Does God exist?' In each case
the polygraph said the man was lying."

As one who deeply resents intellectual littering of this nature, I reached
the author, Mr. Robert Bickmeyer, Troy, MI and politely asked for his
source. He said he had one but could not locate it. This was about two
years ago. A few weeks ago he had the same line published once more in a
"Guest Opinion" piece in the Oakland Press, Again I called. Again, he
could not locate a source. He added that he does not use a computer. OK,
fine then, I suppose.

Googling, I foun the trail at a John Ankerberg's website, johanankerberg
dot com. Put "polygraph" in his search box and you will see Ankerberg was
"unable to confirm" the study but went ahead and published anyway a
retelling of the unlikely story.

I located and contacted the President of the American Polygraph
Association (name escapes, will be provided later) who, in so many words,
assured me the story was a phony.
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