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When I was looking at houses a few years ago, there was one that was priced about $15,000 below what was to be expected for the area and age & size of the house. Turned out it had been on the market for a couple of years with no buyers, because the previous owner had comitted suicide in the house.

Since I don't freak out easily, I seriously considered buying it, but at the last minute, something a little smaller, lower priced, and needing a lot less work came on the market, so I bought that instead.

I've gotten married and had a baby since then, and now the current house seems awfully small, and I often wish I'd bought the "suicide" house instead.

So sometimes other people's superstitions can be good for those who don't share them.

If I hadn't asked about the low price, wondering what roofing or plumbing defect was being concealed, I don't know whether the realtor would have told me about the suicide or not.

As far as the Lutzes-- the impression I've gotten from what I've read was not that they even faked the haunting, but that they simply made up a story out of whole cloth after moving out, because they needed to make some money fast.
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