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Default Yahoo/GMail hoax

This is information being passed around in Yahoo groups has alot of people in an uproar.

..Here we go...Get ready for a major NOVEL...
AT&T (aka Ma Bell) and Yahoo are one Company-They merged..
MCI and Google are one Company-They merged...
Windows invented a new System...Its called Windows Vista...
Ok now...AT&T/Yahoo are converting their system over to
Accommodate the new Windows Vista Computer System..
When a conversion is done..It is necessary to
"Turn Off" the entire Systems Servers...Input all the data..."Upload it"
Then "Download" the new data....Re Boot and install...much like we
Do with our computers...but on a "World Wide" scale...This is what they are doing...
So, when they get to your part of the World..You wont have any
Connection...nothing going in...nothing going out...stopped at the Gate..
So...all your Mail will be stopped because there is no connection.
Until they get your section of the World back up and running
Your mail is being held in "limbo" until the upgrade is done.
When they open your section back up, your mail will start
Coming back in...little by little then, back to normal speed..
AT&T/Yahoo has most of the World done...They are doing it in sections
So there isnt a World wide panic going on...just little ones, while
Your area of the World has their plug pulled, so to speak...
Ok you follow me to this point ??
So, if you are in Yahoo group..Its having mail problems...You then decide
To go to Google because Yahoo is having so much trouble...
Now...heres the thing...If you move to Google ..and when
MCI/Google start doing their Windows Vista upgrades,
The same thing will start to happen all over
Again...Then everyone will be moving back to Yahoo
Because of Google converting it will be a vicious circle...
Yahoo's switch over is almost complete...
It takes time to convert the entire World over..
Next Google will go down like Yahoo has been...
Windows Vista conversion is not going smoothly...Windows
Keeps changing things in their system..which means Yahoo has to
Go back and update theirs ..Its a bit of a mess now...
GMail is trying to upgrade to handle things as well...
I know this because I am a retired Telephone
Operator and End Office Installer...The World has what we call
"Grids"..sectioned off...each grid has to be converted...
They switched off the USA/Canada/Mexico/Brazil..then last
Week it was they are working on UK & its surrounding
Areas...Then Asia/India/Middle East, etc etc..
They have to do it in grids....Each country has its own telephone
Systems so they have to do it carefully...grid by grid...or section by section
AT&T is well aware of what they are doing...They installed the phone
Cables in the beginning...They have the knowledge of where and
What each cable is,and what they go to....It just takes time...
Like they say....Rome wasn't built in 1 day...and phones lines weren't laid
In 1 day...So there you have it...This is why different members are having trouble
At different times...We all live in different places...The problem isn't going to
Occur at the same time...I had trouble 2 weeks ago...whereas, my friends
In Australia had trouble last week...It just depends on where you live and
How you fall on that grid or section of the World...
So sit back..take a on your PSP Siggys, Stats,
Tubes or whatever you like to do for a bit and when everyone
Has been converted over..We can have a lot to share with each other...
This is why certain members are "bouncing"..They cant get
Mail..or send anything out...their grid is turned off...for the upgrade...
Also some members are getting messages that they have their
E Mail addresses have been "Blacklisted" ...this occurred in Australia..
They had to shut down all the Mail servers for the upgrade...
Certain servers in Australia use different types of phone lines to transmit data... server usage...they literally had to "Blacklist" everyone on
Those servers so they could do the upgrade...
I hope I shed some light on what's going on...
They should have sent Group Members info on this...It
Would have made things more easier on us all...
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