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Originally Posted by smittykins View Post
I’m surprised the Henson estate hasn’t sued.
I would assume it's not against the law to use characters that are just sort of Muppet-esque, as long as they're not copies of Henson's actual characters.

Grocery Outlet (a chain of discount grocery stores in California) used to have ads with fake Muppet-like characters as folk singers singing about their selection of products.

It's not really a new thing, now that I think about it. When I was a kid there was a local car dealership that used Muppet-like characters singing their jingle at the end of all their ads. I remember when the dealership started carrying Isuzu a new character appeared that was actually sort of racist. He was basically an Asian caricature who would pop in to the scene and yell "Isuzu, too!" in a fake Japanese accent at the end of the jingle.
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