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Originally Posted by Troberg View Post
OK. We don't have bill vending machines here, as the smallest coins are large enough, so those mechanisms are not needed here. Our largest bill is roughly $3. So, here it's even money or you will lose the change.
And, of course, I meant that our smallest bill is roughly $3, our economy isn't that bad...

Originally Posted by damian View Post
When I was a kid, some days there wasn't much else to do other than hang out at the local pinball parlour. The bigger kids insisted they had a way to score free games on certain machines by zapping the machine with a pizo igniter. I never tried it, so I don't know if it worked, but many people my age know of the trick.
That works, just zap the coin door and sometimes it'll register a free coin. Machine operators do not like it though, as sometimes, it will zap the electronics, so don't do it.
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