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The coffee machine in our office got left in 'free coffee mode' for a while, it would give free double espresso if you held down 2 buttons for 5 seconds, but you could only get a double of whatever it was. A double coffee wasn't very good.
One day it got serviced and the free coffee mode went away, probably the service guy noticed that it had made the usual amount of coffee but had collected a lot less money than it should have.

With the vending machines we played around with key combinations until we found some interesting modes. The only useful thing we found was the temperature display. The least useful mode made the SW reset and go through a self test of everything, meaning several minutes before we could get anything out of the machine. We never managed to find any free product mode.

We liked to joke how we like to hide easter eggs and back doors in embedded software, but it always turns out that our back door for the vending machine software only lets you get free coca-cola from your DVD player, or dispenses all the $100 bills in your microwave oven.
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