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Originally Posted by damian View Post
Having the truth available is fine, but I don't know that we should be forcing others to believe it.
But if the truth is available, some people are going to find out about it, and that will presumably destroy the placebo effect. What constitutes forcing it on people? How do you even force someone to believe something? (I grew up in a heavily evangelical community; if it were possible to force me to believe in God, I'm sure they would have done it.) If I went to my doctor and asked for antidepressants and she told me she'd write me a prescription for Prozac if I really wanted it, but that in her studied opinion they don't work, is that forcing the truth on me or just being a responsible physician? (Again, assuming for the sake of argument that the placebo effect is the only reason Prozac works, which hasn't been established definitively.)

ETA: Personally, if my physician wrote me a script for a drug she knew was ineffective without telling me, I'd be furious.
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