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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Yeah, apparently there's not as much evidence for the placebo effect as is usually believed.
That's not what that article says - it says that around 2000 or so, some analysts cast doubt on a lot of previous studies that had shown a placebo effect because they thought that they weren't designed carefully enough (they quote a couple which didn't even have a control group) - the samples were small and they'd not ruled out some other possibilities. (Although it seems a bit misleading to me to concentrate on the ones without even a control group, because a lot of those difficulties are dealt with by the "many researchers" who did use a third control group).

Anyway, the analysis didn't say that there wasn't a placebo effect. It said that more careful studies were needed to demonstrate it. And then the article says that several more careful studies have since been carried out, and demonstrated that a placebo effect exists.
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