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You may be right, gopher, but no matter what, let us go down fighting. It must never be forgotten that Trump lost the Popular Vote. The majority wanted Hillary, which is a reason to hope. It also serves as another example regarding many (Rutherford Hayes, George W. Bush, Trump) as to why the Electoral College sucks and should be gotten rid of. It's a profoundly undemocratic anachronism, a leftover from the Founding Fathers who believed that the vote belong only to Rich, White Men.

Though I have to admit, sometimes I amuse myself by picturing an alternate reality where Trump won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College. Just how much would the Right lose their collective shit if that had happened?

Though seriously, never forget that Hillary won the popular vote and never stop reminding Trump of that. We should fight Trump in big ways, but also in small ways, or to use the words of the Immortal Samantha Bee: Keep Pissing Trump Off. It is somewhat petty, but it is a good tactic. Few things piss off a strongman more than being mocked and turned into a joke, anything that shows that beneath all the bravado, lies a frightened, pathetic excuse for a human being.

We already know that Trump is so thinned-skinned as to be translucent, so this strategy has merit. For all his posturing, we've seen ample proof that Trump can't bear the slightest of criticisms; every word burrows like a tick beneath his skin and invariably, he throws a tantrum. Time spent throwing tantrums, is time he can't spend running roughshod over Rights and lives of others.

And since his tantrums are so over-the-top, they invariably attract media attention, which forces someone in his administration to come forward and explain how Trump's hissyfit is actually the brave action of a brave man. So we'll also be keeping them busy from running over the Rights and lives of others as well.

Though I have to admit that I didn't think Trump would last this long. I thought once he realized that he's not God Emperor Trump and this job requires actual work, he would quit and maybe break William Henry Harrison's record for shortest tenure. William Henry Harrison can't escape the "First to Die in Office" record, but there's still hope regarding the "Shortest Tenure" one.

I freely admit that I did this post as a thinly-veiled excuse for a link dump, but I tried to make it worth your time. Also wanted to write another post, because I'm embarrassed by a mistake in the previous one. I made it sound like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore lost the popular vote, but they, like the Late Charles Tilden, actually won the popular vote, only to be screwed over by underhanded, dirty politicking.

Last thing, before I end this post, an editorial written by Ta-Nehisi Coates: Donald Trump is the First White President. He does have a point. Trump has no identity outside his whiteness. People keep being shocked, shocked that Trump's a massive racist, but his campaign centered around one idea: certain people qualify as humans and deserve Rights. It doesn't take long to figure out which people qualify and which don't.
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