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Icon27 Basement of Headquarters Used for Atheist-Extraterrestrial Torture Orgies

Basement of Headquarters Used for Atheist-Extraterrestrial Torture Orgies, Explosive New Report Claims

According to a crowdsourced examination from, owner David Mikkelson is a card-carrying Atheist who has been using the site to promote his own anti-Christian agenda. Furthermore, research has shown that certain staff members are preventing leaks about extraterrestrials from going viral on Facebook.
I'm pretty sure this is intended as satire, though I didn't find anything labeling the site as such. Either that, or they are even more phenomenally stupid than the above might suggest:

A pattern-analytical reading of the web page encoding on Snopes’ “50 Hottest Urban Legends” list shows the curious repetition of the terms “div-class” and “form-wrapper.” These highly unusual phrases are known code words among the interspecies sex subculture meaning “basement bondage” and “extraterrestrial orifice penetration.”

In any case, I'm wondering if my orgy invitation got lost in the mail? And where do you get those atheist cards?
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