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The majority of mom-and-pop butcher shops, when I was growing up in Canada, would dry age their beef on site in the large walk-in coolers. I remember when I was a kid, dad & I would do our yearly or bi-yearly pilgrimage to the butcher shop (it was about 15 miles away) and dad would pick which section of beef he wanted for T-bones (that was his favorite). The butcher would then put the section on his shoulder, bring it to the block, trim some of the external fat, then slice is to my dad's specs (dad's favorite was 3/4"). The butcher would then use a ring-scraper on each steak (apparently it's called a bone dust scraper and it's used to remove the bone dust from the meat after sawing), then package steaks as per my dad's request (2 or 4 per pack).

The local IGA also did the same but I'm not sure if they aged for as long as the mom-and-pop place.

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