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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
I am not an aircraft designer but I suspect the 737 that is used today has relatively little to do with the design from the 60's except for its basic size. The wings and tail are much different designs than what the engineers in the 60's came up with. So gosh, it isn't the same design as the original and the original really was designed by 60's era car designers versus 90's+ car designers for the current aircraft. The engines are separated by multiple generations. The original avionics have pretty much zero to do with the current avionics. I suspect that there isn't a single piece of a 60's era 737 that can be used on one built in the last 20 years. Heck even the seats of the 60's era can't be used in a current aircraft. So, the wings, tail, radio, engines, avionics, doors, main body struts, ... of the original were phased out years ago. The only thing the current 737 has in common with the original is the basic size and the "737".
And the same is true of the 747-8 and the 747-400s in service today compared to the original 747-100.

Actually, though, I'm pretty sure the doors on the 737 actually are the same ones used in the 1960s. I know I've heard that flight attendants hate the doors on the 737 because they're heavy and don't have power assist like every other modern plane has. I know they did change the overwing exits on the 737NG models to comply with European regulations, however.
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