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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
How does one "overdo" seeing symbolism in things?

ETA: If g-you see it, you see it.
When people start acting on seeing symbols and it impacts the lives of others. That is an "overdo".

Small example, after September 11, 2001, there was a group of people online who called for the change of the emergency number 911 because of its symbol being the same as the date (as Americans do it) 9-11.

Another example, seeing an image of the devil in the wood in a hospital door and fearing to take your child to that hospital because of the symbol of evil.

I know of someone who sees the fingerprint of the illuminati everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The conspiracies built around some of these symbols is enough to cause anguish in his friends and family.

I'm just bringing up some examples, not discounting anyone's opinion.
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