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Iraq is analogous to Vietnam after all, just not strictly parallel. We're not the Americans, we're the French, and instead of losing at a metaphorical "Dien Bien Phu" we were actually successful militarily but we still left, much as I suspect even a victorious France wouldn't have stayed in Indochina forever (de-colonialization was the trend pretty much everywhere else, succesful insurgency or no). The insurgency was always going to be there, waiting for another chance, only in Vietnam, as history played out (with a decisive defeat of the French military) they only needed that "other chance" in (the southern) half of the county. Now the question is could our metaphorical "unified anti-Communist Vietnemese government" (our present Government of Iraq) have defeated the resurgent Viet Minh post-withdrawal (in the alternate timeline in which the French were undefeated and left a single unified Vietnamese government behind)? We shall see...
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