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Thanks. Been making some progress.

I have found one promising looking example of the quote in a book called
"The Psychological Mystique" by a guy named Stewart Justman. He has the quote exactly as my OP and he attributes it to Hannah Arendt. I had already checked her well known "Eichmann in Jerusalem" and not found it. Unfortunately, the google book preview of Stewart's book does not give the context or source of the quote, and a google book search of all of Arendt's books does not turn it up, so I'm not sure what the Stewart quote does for me.

Meanwhile, while I did not find the exact quote, I did find the exact context in the writings of Chuck Colson. He was, of course, the Nixon adviser who went to jail for watergate, became an evangelical, and started a prison ministry as well as work tirelessly to convince the general public that christianity and american conservatism were the same thing.

He has published the story as I remember it in the OP several times in several books. Here's a concise version from "Being the Body"

In the preview though I can't see Colson's source either.

So I'm not sure whether:
a) it's not true, Colson has made this up
b) it is exactly true, and was just a real life glurgarific moment
c) it has a kernel of truth which Colson has glurgified.

I'm leaning towards c, but open to b. Probably not a.
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