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Originally Posted by Troberg View Post
Driving that way, I would applaud if those effers got an RPG round up their butts.
First off, that's a shockingly callous statement. Where's the moral equivalence between driving offensively in a war zone and deserving to die for it?

Secondly, IEDs, RPGs, and bands of militants with guns don't care about collateral damage. If the hummer were to wait patiently in traffic, it would also put all the innocent civilians in the cars around it at great risk. Honestly, if you're driving your little compact car and you see a big old Hummer frantically beeping its horn and tailing you, you should give way immediately. If you don't then you shouldn't be surprised when they give your car a tap to show how serious they are.

If the people in this neighborhood cannot understand why soldiers caught in heavy traffic would make a mad dash through their town, they'd have to be insane.
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