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I'm wondering if Trump will try to spin this to his adherents as firing Comey for not actually charging Hillary Clinton with anything, while surrogates just keep talking about it being related to Comey's "mishandling" of the case.

I just wonder how the administration thought people would react to this. If Trump had fired Comeny shortly after assuming office with this excuse, he might actually have come across as caring about the integrity of the FBI with respect to the election process (albeit too late to actually affect the outcome). Of course, the media are digging up lots of clips of Trump applauding Comey for having the "guts" to make his October revelations, so it seems a hell of a lot more likely that, whether it relates to the Russia investigations or not (psst: it does), Trump wants to put his own man in charge of the Bureau.

I only hope that the Senate will take its job seriously when it comes to the confirmation process. Yeah, the whole Comey affair has lowered public confidence in the FBI, but putting an obvious Trump toady in charge would make it a hell of a lot worse.
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