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I once got my contact folded up and lost under my eyelid somewhere by having my eye very slightly open as I was hit in the face by an intense wave of water. I thought it was washed out, which was really upsetting because at that time they cost something like $70 each, I had to pay for them myself (and at 13 years old, I didn't have a lot of money), and I was away at camp for the week and thought I would be doomed to spend the rest of the hot week in glasses (heat was a major reason I got contacts in the first place). After a bit of me freaking out, it became apparent to me there was something way up under my eyelid, and I was able to work it down by looking up and down several times.

Worst time for anything stuck up in my eye was the time I got a full length hair from my head stuck in there somehow when I put on my contacts. I felt something, but I looked all around, and couldn't see anything. Hours later, I finally found the end had drifted down to the corner of my eye, and I pulled the whole length out. My eye had done a pretty good job of trying to "pearlize" it in the meantime.