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Comment: I just wanted to "thank you" for your site .. information .. & due diligence in being the one place I've come to count on for 'debunking' (as you've put it) information that is now all too rampant without backing or means to know the real truth behind much, if not all of it.

I've always said that "time" .. time is the teller of truth ~ people / humans lie all the time, almost as though its the human condition & we can't help ourselves but to lie in order to validate or justify the position we may find ourselves in .. I loathe lying & those who lie. Without truth, there is no foundation. Without solid foundation, anything we hope to build has no chance to grow.

So .. please ~ always be the "one" we can continue to count on for being the one resource in truth finding / verification of truth. Its a great thing in today's society. There isn't enough of it & I think you - snopes is the best thing the internet has ever had to offer up. I appreciate snopes.
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