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The last big storm we had took a young evergreen tree in our back yard and left it bent at the trunk so that the top touched the ground. The next day I went out and cleared as much of the snow as I could off of it and pushed it up. It got to about a 60 degree angle (measuring point where it meets the ground to the top) but the branches are all pushed up and over, and it would require weighing the branches down to counterbalance them in order to get the tree straight again.

We are due another immense storm tomorrow, they say. I do not want the tree to just get pushed over again. The branches are turning brownish so I don't know if it is already in the process of dying. I took an old wooden ladder and shoved it under the tree to prop it up. It's at maybe 75 degrees upright now. I'm worried the snow will just break off the top half or however much of the tree, above where the ladder meets it, but also didn't want to just leave it with no support to just inevitably get weighed down again.

It is a transplant tree that we grew from a twig from a family vacation 10 or 11 years ago.
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