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Well, my command, the detailer, and I have gone with option A: resign ASAP (in a year) but stay with the current command until that date (eight months longer than I would have with option B). But maybe not. It turns out there's an option D, which I will refer to ironically as the "nuclear option" because, actually, it would very likely result in me being "de-nuked" (that is, they would decide I am no longer medically fit to perform my primary duties, as a surface nuclear propulsion engineer).
Well, it looks like it's option D. As soon as I get over the feeling that I will almost certainly end up somewhere worse and that I have betrayed everyone who depends on me in my current job and whoever is going to have to "take the helm" when I jump ship here in the next week or so, I'm sure I'll feel a million times better. In the mean time, though, I feel like I want to take a black marker to my portrait on the command photo board and color over my face and my ribbons. Like the ancient Roman's used to do. Damnatio memoriae...
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