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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
Yeah, we advise against it in order to protect your sanity. Ever here of the theory affectionately referred to as GIFT?

:sigh: If sci-fi writers foresaw the Internet, they probably foresaw it in a fashion similar to Gene Roddenberry: that it would enable different classes/races of people to communicate with one another and in doing so, be able to appreciate and see other points of view better.

My Head Canon regarding Avengers 2: While accessing the Internet, Ultron stumbled onto comments relating to an article on race relations. Because nothing makes you want to nuke 'em all and let God sort 'em out like those comments.
The RISFC used to have a Hugo-award-winning artist as a (founding!) member; he was a delight to talk to at the meetings. Alas, over time, his e-mail persona devolved to GIFT levels, and when people (including lifelong friends) called him on it, he... well, let's keep it at, "he and the club mutually decided to part ways".
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