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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
But there are places in Europe where you can find hardcore pornographic material being sold uncensored in regular shops where kids might see it and yet they still manage to grow up to be normal, healthy individuals.
Where is that?

In Germany, you'll find pronographic magazines and sometimes DVDs of the softcore variety in regular newsagents - up on the top of the shelf, out of the reach of children, not displayed in an advertising manner, and easily avoided. Hardcore porn is sold in "adults only" shops only.

In Denmark and Sweden, which both have the reputation to be quite liberal about the porn business, I saw no more explicit offers when I was travelling there in the last years. I haven't been to Amsterdam for years, but there, too, I didn't see any hardcore porn on display where kids might see it.

I doubt that any other European country is more liberal.

Apart from that, streaming porn to a public announcment display would be considered both wrong and illegal in all these countries - and rightly so, IMHO.
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