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I'm not sure in which book I read it, but I remember some description of WWI volunteers being rejected for not having the correct number of molar teeth in order o chew the standard army rations of the time.

eta..this US report say that 20.9 of men rejected in WWII were for dental defects

This from the Q&A On the Selective Draft for WWI

Q 45. — Do men with bad teeth need to serve under the draft?

A.—A man must have at least eight serviceable, natural masticating molars, four above and four below opposing, and six serviceable natural incisors, three above and three below opposing. These teeth must be so opposed that a person can cut his food and chew it.
Teeth restored by crown or fixed bridge work, when such work is well placed and thoroughly serviceable, are considered as serviceable natural teeth.
If dental work will restore the teeth to meet the requirements outlined in the preceding paragraph, the man will be accepted and sent to his cantonment, where dental work needed by him will be carried out.

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