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Comment: Concerning the "urine-dye" myth: It is interesting to note that
it seems to have become common knowledge that this is a myth. When I
saw this I was astonished. While anecdotal
evidence is surely not enough to change your listing, I myself have
personally seen such a chemical work -- on more than one occassion. A
friend of mine peed in a neighbors pool (how do I know this? The green
cloud of course) and when the green cloud surrounded him we laughed pretty
heartily. Not being a very squemish person, he joined in the mirth.
While this might have been some strange mixture of chemicals that had to
do with what he was drinking and the cleaning chemicals of the pool, it
stands to reason that the owner could have just as easily put something in
the pool as well. We never asked, of course. But, it did happen again.
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