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Comment: On your "Trademark of a Devil" article discussing the Donahue
Show in 1994 that aired with the Proctor & Gamble President discussing
their connection to the Church of Satan... that show DID air because I saw
it myself!!! I think that you need to truely investigate all possible
options before you post your snope-false/true things on here. After
reading your article & personally knowing the fact that the show DOES
exist because I saw it myself, it would appear that someone (P&G) has
"paid other people off to keep quiet about that episode & forget it never
happened due to corporate politics of realizing later on after doing the
show that they put their foot in their mouths & almost ruined their
business". Do further research, I guarantee you'll find that episode again
& Proctor & Gamble will be re-exposed to the public a second time!
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