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Comment: Sorry, but I heard this myself. We got our first TV in November of
1949, so it couldn't have happened in 1947, unless they later reran an old
show. It is one of very few controversial or famous quotes that have been
reported over the years that I actually witnessed. That is why it lives so
vividly in my memory. It was also captured on an old comedy record called
"Pardon My Blooper". It was just audio from the show, but, if it wasn't
Groucho, it was a good impersonation. I would guess that it happened in the
early to mid 1950s. I was seven years old in 1949 and would not have caught
the implication. I love your site and what you're doing, but THIS TIME, I
have first hand knowledge to the contrary. I realize that the audio could
have been faked, but I believe it wasn't because of the video that I
personally saw. If you need it and can't get it, let me know and I will
digitize the excerpt from my old record and send it to you. Believe what
you must, but I heard and saw it myself.
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