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Kickoffs are one of the most dangerous plays. You have people running full speed from opposite ends of the field, and so you get a much higher likelihood of high speed collisions. This is a big part of why the NFL moved a touchback to the 25, to make running it out of the end zone a worse idea than the touchback.
Eliminating fair catches is a colossally bad idea. Best case scenario, it means that a whole lot of punts that are currently caught with a fair catch will be allowed to drop, and we have to wait through the ball rolling to a stop. That is a benefit to defenses, as it will mean that punts end up going longer. Worst case scenario, the number of injuries goes way up as returners still catch the ball and get creamed right after.
I would say, if they are going down this path, get rid of kicking. You either get a first down, or you turn the ball over after four downs. That would speed things up, reduce some injuries, and maybe end up with higher scoring games. It would also really break the minds of people who complain about it being called football already.
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