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Snakes and round, spinny things do not mix, and the snake always loses.

Warning snakes, gore and snake gore await...

I was visiting some friends in Colorado, and there was quite a bit of unseasonal rain during my stay. Basically, the lower part of my friends' apartment complex was flooding. We decided that I should move my car to higher ground.

I waded through mid-calf level water to my car, got in, and moved it to the upper lot. When I got out, there were about 12 dead green snakes kind of hanging off of my car. They had apparently sought refuge within my wheels, and when I drove off, they tried to escape, and it became some morbid clown car slapping snakes on the ground until they die thing.

Needless to say, the snakes were no longer in any shape to attack anything, and I only traveled about 1/8 of a mile at around 5MPH.
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