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I am a pharmacy tech, and although I cannot speak to your specific situation, this is almost certainly an insurance issue. Most insurance plans limit you to a 30 day supply of your medications, and they will not allow you to refill your medications until you are about 80% of the way through your last supply. There are usually special dispensations for unusual circumstances (i.e. vacations or dosage increases.) And if you are not getting a controlled medication and the drug is an inexpensive one, you always have the option to pay the out of pocket cost.

Why do they do this? I think it's probably financial. Insurance companies do not really want to pay for things if they don't have to -- why pay for 3 months of a drug for someone who might change insurance next month, or go off the med?

Some insurances contract with mail order pharmacies. It is cheaper for them than paying for you to go to your local retail joint, so they lure you in (or, alternatively, force you in by not allowing you to go to a local pharmacy) by offering three month supplies. This might also be an option for you.
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