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I saw two bizarre video "ads" today on the site (it was the history of television article linked from today's Google doodle). I put "ads" in quotes because they didn't seem to be advertising anything - they appeared to be third-rate user-created videos, with no introduction, no credits, no overlying text, nothing. The first was of a youngish (I'd guess 12-14 years old) girl performing the Star-Spangled Banner at some public event or other. It wasn't what you'd call a good performance - thin, unsupported sound and lots of pitch issues. I clicked back on the article a bit later today to see if I got the video again, and instead got this: (Warning: mindless juvenile sexism and God-awful attempt at rapping!)

Other than the bizarre content, both these videos otherwise behaved as ads - a "Skip Ad" button popped up after a few seconds, and at the conclusion of the "ad" the Telegraph's video segment played. Weird.

ETA: Huh. The embed code that popped up in the "ad" appears to actually be the correct embed code for the TV history video. That makes it even weirder - I thought maybe there was some pay-to-share video service that might be using ad channels to promote user-submitted videos, but that doesn't even make sense now. There are just these bad videos with no credits, links, nothing.

The video I tried to share, by the way, appeared to be titled "Top 5," and was a cheesy rap list of all the attractive female celebrities the rapper would like to "Netflix and Chill with." (All I could think of was the would-be author in Throw Momma from the Train - "It's a coffee table book.")

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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