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Less something I saw, and more something I heard.

I was driving around today in my issued vehicle. Good radio stations are hard to come by around here, so when I found one (87.6 on the FM dial for those interested and can tell me where it is, 'cause I have no clue) I keep it locked. Now, with the mountains, the signal is not always clear, and sometimes there is overplay where I am simultaneously receiving the signal for two stations on the same frequency.

Usually it is annoying, but while driving around the south of the Sea of Galilee this afternoon, I heard both stations and it was very cool. One was playing classical/baroque/orchestral/chamber music and the other was playing '80s and '90s pop/rock music. In the background was the orchestral music and overlaid was the song from the late '80s or early '90s. They were in time and the calming tones of the orchestra gave an awesome element of depth to the typically plastic pop song.

Problem is, I don't know the name of either song. The pop one was definitely a popular song 25-ish years ago and I would recognise it in an instant (kinda like the Aerosmith song Crying, but it wasn't that song). The orchestral music has very little chance of ever being recognised by me (it was kinda like Pachelbel's Canon, but it definitely was not that. But similar in tone and pace).

I really enjoyed that two minute experience.