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I've seen this story several times and the reporting (or headlining*) usually focuses on the "lost her license because she can't use a computer" part. That's not the whole story, or even a significant part of it. New Hampshire's law requires health care providers to check the state's opioid database before they prescribe opioids for conditions other than cancer or terminal conditions. She could have continued to practice medicine just fine so long as she only prescribed opioids for cancer or terminal patients or didn't prescribe them at all.

The only complaint against her on record at the New Hampshire Board of Medicine is for the treatment of the asthma patient as described in the article. And they do have a voluntary surrender of license document (pdf) that appears to have been signed by Konopka.

tldr; Usage or non-usage of a computer has nothing to do with her not being licensed to practice medicine.

ETA: I guess "Doctor can't practice medicine because she surrendered her licence to prevent a hearing on an charge that the medical board had reprimanded her (pdf) for mistreating a patient once before" doesn't have much attention grabbing potential.

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