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1. What instrument does Mary Stuart Masterson's character play in the John Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful?


2. What country's cabinet includes a Minister of Immigrant Absorption and a Minister of Information and Diaspora?


3. The lateral malleolus, the bottom end of the fibula, forms the familiar bump on what part of your body?


4. What athlete's body is buried in eastern Pennsylvania, but rests in soil brought in from Prague, Oklahoma and Stockholm, Sweden?

Jim Thorpe.

5. What does the letter 'H' stand for in "Preparation H"?


6. The world's two most populous metropolitan areas are only 700 miles apart. What are they?

Seoul and Tokyo?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these famous people? Gregg Allman, Patrick Duffy, James Ellroy, Kelsey Grammer, Paul Harvey, Jennifer Hudson, Michael Jordan, Little Richard, Dylan McDermott, Earl Warren.

No clue.

ETA: I think MacLloyd is right about 7.