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The oldest mention I found on Usenet is November 28, 2002, and quotes the Guardian on that day.

The Guardian on that day published a column with a whole bunch of Churchill quotes apparently picked to make the great man seem like an ass, and it includes a shorter version of the quote under discussion.

At first glance, I see that the final quotation in the link above is from a newspaper article claimed by scholars not to be written by Churchill.

Some of the quotes aren't even bad, properly interpreted. When he wrote about the godless bores in India, in a supposed youthful letter to his mother, wasn't he talking about his fellow colonialists?

As for the OP quotation, my first thought was that Churchill wouldn't have written or spoken in such a repetitive manner. However, Wikiquote accepts the quotation as sourced, and I found a specific citation on this web page, attributing it to page 118 of Martin Gilbert's Churchill and the Jews. About a year ago, I read perhaps a third of that book. The book is one that tries to prove a thesis -- Churchill liked Jews. It presents every possible piece of evidence showing that Churchill was a friend to Jews and Zionism. Gilbert convinced me -- not that it took much convincing -- that Churchill was broadly sympathetic to Jews, including Palestine's Jews. On the other hand, Churchill also favored compromise with the Arabs. I'll have to check that book to see what it says on that page. If Gilbert does say that Churchill said it, he probably did, because Martin Gilbert is the official biographer of Winston Churchill.
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