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My immediate wonder is how it might affect the various Netflix original series based on Marvel properties -- The Defenders and all the individual character series of that group.

I also have a suspicion that the Disney streaming service will still have its limitations. To have every Disney movie (at least more than a year or so old, say), including all their animated classics (and the direct-to-video sequels), all the Pixar films, all their Marvel and Star Wars films, and a host of their old TV properties all available from one streaming service? Yeah, that might very well be worth it, if it were really comprehensive. Anyone want to bet, though, that they won't rotate films and shows in and out of availability, as they have done with many of their video releases? (Somehow reading your mind so that the particular film you want to watch at any given time isn't currently available...) It irritates me enough that services like Netflix do this already, but at least sometimes it's based on their licensing agreements. If Disney does it with their own stuff, it will be particularly annoying.
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