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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
I used to believe that too. There was no way that the GOP could run a person as offensive as Trump for president and win. They were sure to lose the Presidency, and probably the House and Senate too. Remember those innocent days of 2016? Now...well, it is working well for them, maybe they should just double-down on being offensive. Embrace the Nazi, call for slavery for everyone who gets welfare (but exempting corporate welfare and cash to farmers and Republicans who just need money for a while but really are not getting WELFARE welfare, since they are good people). It might just work!
I assumed Trump was running for publicity purposes that he’d last a bit, then drop out after he’d received the press he wanted. After all, there is some cachet in being a candidate for the presidency, even if they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning.

I was wrong.

I wasn’t so naive as to believe that electing Obama solved racism forever, but I thought it was a momentous achievement that would open doors to other candidates of color. In doing so, maybe we could start dismantling our grotesque War on Drugs which only succeeded in filling prisons with PoC and the poor. Again, I was wrong.

In his book, We Were Eight Years in Power, Ta-Nehisi Coates talked about how he considered Obama’s presidency to be a great accomplishment, but as it wore on, he got the sense that White People, to paraphrase, knew that the bill was coming and had every intention of skipping out, rather than paying.

He also parallels Obama’s eight years with the eight years that made up Reconstruction after the Civil War, and there admittedly are some parallels. Reconstruction wasn’t a paradise for Blacks, but for the first time in years, massive injustices were being addressed, Blacks were gaining the Rights long due to them, and were almost starting to dream of an even grander future. Then Rutherford Hayes pulled US troops out of the South, as part of an underhanded deal to win the presidency (like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, his opponent won the popular vote) and almost overnight, all the Rights that Black People had gained, were stripped away and they underwent decades of Jim Crow.

It seems a reoccurring meme in American history: major achievements in Civil Rights regarding PoC, are almost invariably quickly overturned. While I doubt that the eight years parallel quite fits with the Civil Rights Movements of the 50s and 60s, the underlying idea is similar. After years of fighting, marching, and protesting, Black People were enjoying greater Rights and Freedoms than they had before. Then we get the War on Drugs, mass incarceration, the Crack epidemic. Slowly but surely, these gains were taken away, all of it culminating in Citizens United and Donald Trump.

I wish I could think of a snarky joke or whatever to end on, but really my response is variations on . Don’t give me the “Not all Rightwing people!” defense. Just don’t.
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