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The main reason I think it's fake is that all these high-spirited young people apparently have perfect spelling, which just doesn't happen on Facebook.

Pinning down the actual provenance of this alleged screen grab is a little tricky. At one point it went viral and was posted and reposted all over the internet, but a quick survey of a couple dozen of those reposts show that they all either still had the watermark or had poorly photoshopped it out, so it was probably originally posted there. That site became inactive on July 15 2010 (their twitter feed and FB fan page still exist but have fallen into disuse) but much of their other content was reposted on other sites and can be found via google (NSFW for nudity, swearing, racism, etc), and sometime you can still access their original content if you know where to look. (Slightly NSFW content for swearing & boobage.)

From what I can gather the site was similar to in that people take screengrabs of their friend's funny Facebook posts and send them to the site, but a fair amount of the content from seems fake to me. The spelling and grammar is often too consistently good, the humour is a little too pat, the identities of the posters are obscured in exactly the same way, no one used l33tspeak, the witty comebacks are a little too consistent ... it just seems like it's the work of writers rather than actual FB screen grabs from different people.

So yeah, given the context in which the brother/sister screengrab came from I'd say it was fake.
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