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Originally Posted by Christie View Post
First of all I really doubt this story ever happened,
I agree, which makes me feel really silly for arguing the point, but what the heck.

Originally Posted by Christie View Post
but if it did, there is still such a thing as "making the punishment fit the crime".
I'm going by memory here, but I don't think anybody here has disputed that. It's just that it's also worth noting that the sister went looking for trouble. That's not the same as saying she deserved what he did to her.

Originally Posted by Christie View Post
The sister would have been punished for snooping in most families except that what she did ended up paling in comparison to what her brother did to her.
In most families. In the unlikely event that this story is real, I would not overlook the possibility that this family is among the exceptions. I can tell you that in my family, the sibling who tattled almost always got off scot free. It didn't ever seem to occur to my parents how much animosity that inspired between their children. (To this day, they don't have a clue as to why sis and I can't just work out our differences. And that's after she got physically violent with me on at least two occasions and got off with barely a "don't do that again".)

Originally Posted by Amigone201 View Post
But I'm not saying we were right, and if, in fact, you are in a situation where you have to play espionage against your siblings, that's not a healthy household.
I never said it was, and I don't think anybody else did either. In my last post (which you responded to), I was not talking about what's healthy; I was talking about the reality of what some teenagers need to cope with when it comes to relations with their parents and siblings. And I can tell you from experience, there are cases where what sounds appropriate on paper is absolutely useless in reality.
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