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I actually thought it was kind of funny, but I'm immature like that.

It hearkened back to the horrible, horrible things my sister and I did to each other when we were growing up. We can bicker over who has the moral high ground all night long, but I don't think it's all that important; we have a boy who history has already proven to demonstrate bad judgment (a 12-pack in your room? Please) and a girl dumb enough to leave her list unattended in a house with an internet connection and a revenge-minded teenager with a devious streak.

Bottom line: something like this was going to happen at some point. While I see ample people giving the sister the moral high ground here, I can guarantee you that justice and the law were the last things on her mind when she narced out her brother. In fact, she may very well have ratted him out because he wouldn't share. Anyone who thinks that her motive was clean living and righteous thoughts, well, I got a bridge that's just your color.

This doesn't let the little brother off the hook, though. He's clearly cracking an egg with a sledgehammer here, and the same brilliant judgment that put a case of beer in his room in a house with a snoopy sister is at work there.

These are not mature, intelligent people who consider the ramifications of their actions and plan accordingly. These are a couple of idiot teenagers butting heads over stupid shit.

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