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I've been having a recurring dream for at least a decade about not being able to attend a certain class in high school, starting off with not being able to understand the timetable and find the correct room and over the years advancing to walking past the room and not being able to go in because I was so embarrassed about all the classes I'd already missed to trying to attend the class and realising I was hopelessly behind and had no chance of catching up and then walking past the classroom and seeing all the big complex projects the other students were working on and knowing that I hadn't started mine and never would. The dream was always set in my old high school and the teacher was usually my old art teacher who just happened to be the most encouraging teacher I'd had. In the dream he always knew I wasn't attending his class and he was terribly disappointed in me.
(Given how I feel that I've never lived up to the potential I showed in high school it's not terribly difficult to interpret these dreams.)

Well! Last night I dreamed that I was sitting the final exam for that class! It looks like this dream which has been haunting me for over a decade might finally be entering its endgame!

When I sat down for the exam they'd given everyone a glossy little catalogue which had all the exams for all the different classes and I couldn't even remember the name of my class so I was flipping through it trying to spot something familiar and getting more and more panicked whilst trying to look nonchalant. The invigilator finally helped me and pointed out my exam papers which were for Studies in African/Arabic Art.

So the thing I learned in my dream last night: the topic of that dream class I've been avoiding for the last decade.