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Two separate dreams on two different nights:

I am a college student. I may be behind in three of my classes. I am definitely behind in the fourth, because I haven't gone in a while, and can't quite remember the days and times I'm supposed to attend. As I'm following two girls down the hall, I learn that one of them has a very interesting sex life, which I really didn't need to know. And I can't remember whether I locked the door to my dorm room.


My husband and I were going through books, and I began reading a series of comic books/graphic novels. From these I learned:

The Incredible Hulk started out as a twelve-year-old girl with a rough home life who felt he was actually a boy. A demigod or powerful sorcerer transformed him into a barbarian warrior, complete with male body, bulging muscles, green skin, and little bits of metal armor that didn't actually cover much. He was transported to another world or dimension, one with rocks and lava and dead-looking, stunted trees, where he met a female barbarian warrior (with Caucasian skin, no green) who had also been transformed by the same entity.

They started a relationship, but it didn't work out because the woman was all chill and okay with her life, but the Hulk was full of anger and wanted to lash out at people he felt had wronged him.

That was the end of the book I picked up, but as I put it on the stack, I noticed there were several more in the series.

[I realize this sounds nothing like the actual origin or circumstances of the real Incredible Hulk. Must've been an alternate universe Hulk...]