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Yeah, those figures can be a bit overwhelming! Thankfully, most of the numbers can be ignored! They make a bit more sense when put with a training plan.
This was the original one that I did (I thought it was beginner, but it's actually intermediate):

The figures to look out for are:
"Easy Runs" - Anywhere it says "Easy" on the plan
"Tempo Runs" or "Tempo Intervals" (They're very similar times) - Anywhere it says "Brisk" on the plan
"Recovery Jogs" - Anywhere it says "Recovery" on the plan

Most plans will have similar wording for the different types.

That's a shame about the outside running! Here in Vegas, I'm thinking that I'll be fine running through the whole winter. It's actually the summer that was a struggle (80+ degrees by 7am most days!). I'm hoping to reap the rewards when it cools down though.

ETA: When I started, I was also running to my max and thinking I'd improve that way. A friend told me that it wasn't a great way to improve. He said it generally tires you out too much to recover properly. You develop better at threshold runs (just enough to be a bit of effort, but not enough to fully tire you out), short quick intervals with recoveries to get your body used to speed, and easy ones to help with recovery.

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