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Okay, I'm going to have to spend some time on that calculator to figure out what it's telling me! Lots of numbers... Thanks. If I can improve my time I will be much happier. When I am running, I push at the top of my zone, trying to get better. I haven't been following a plan, and I guess I just thought I'd get better as I kept at it but I haven't.

I did a max heart rate test that I found on the Internet (run as hard as you can at intervals, and when your heartrate stops going up, whatever it's at, that's your max) and determined that my max heart rate is a little higher than the basic 220 minus your age. It feels fairly right to me. For days after I did the test, I could still feel it in my lungs! But it's still just 178.

I don't run outside much. With winter coming, I likely won't start now either.
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