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Thanks kit_n_caboodle, and thanks and congrats to you too, quink! Especially given your post on October 1st! Well done!! I'll be very happy if I get close to the 2 hour mark for my half marathon.

kit_n_caboodle, have you been following a training plan? I've done a beginners 6 week 5k plan, followed by an intermediates 8 week 5k plan. I'm now on to the last 3 weeks of a 6 week half-marathon plan. They mix up speed intervals, easy, tempo, and long runs. Without that, I don't think I'd have seen anything like the improvements. A friend sent me a calculator for what paces I should've been running particular training runs:

Enter a distance you can run, and the time you run it in, and it should tell you your training paces (none of the other fields seem to do anything). They'll likely look pretty slow. When I was running, I was unsure whether it was even helping at all (3 of my 4 runs per week in the first training plan felt like they weren't even worth doing!). It really helped though.

Also, have you done a test for your max heart rate? I haven't specifically done one, but the max for my age from most of the formulas is around 184. If I believed this, I'd struggle to run any pace! For my 5k at the weekend (and my previous one too), I averaged 180 over the whole race. I know that 184 isn't my max because I've seen 196 on my heart rate monitor on some early training runs.
If I take 196 as my max, that gives me a 91.8% average effort for the 5k, which is within the bounds that people usually think a 5k should be run at.

I can't do that pace on a treadmill either! I really don't enjoy treadmill running, and agree that it feels dangerous at anything above 6 mph. Now that I have a GPS watch for pacing, I hope to never have to use one again.
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