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I'm grumpy.

I mentioned in another thread that I'm home sick today. This is extra annoying because I have a half marathon next Sunday and I'm feeling generally cruddy. I'm not that sick - stuffed-up/runny nose, fatigued, etc - so I have no doubt I'll be fine in a couple days, but right now my mind just doesn't want to deal with the thought of running hard in six days. I just want to sit on the couch, eat ice cream and mope a bit. Part of the problem is that I was already tapering this week when I got sick, so I've gone from doing 50+ kilometers weekly to only doing a couple light runs, and thanks to getting hit with the snot monster yesterday, I had to skip one of my planned runs. That means I'm already feeling a bit lazy, and now the cold is making me feel even more slug-like. I'm really struggling to keep my eating in check right now and I'm feeling the effects.

I know I'll be full of energy and ready to go on Sunday, especially since the race is in a gorgeous location and I'm really looking forward to it, but right now I just want it to be over and done with. I had an aggressive time goal that I may or may not reach, and right now I don't care. I just want to cross the finish line. I'm pretty sure this is just a pre-race funk and that as soon as I get on the plane it'll hit and I'll be excited again, but ugh... I'm just not feeling it today. I wish it was three weeks ago when I felt like I could leap over buildings if I wanted to.

It doesn't help that I have some things I want to try to finally drop my last 5-10 pounds as soon as I'm done with this race. It'll involve some experimenting with my diet, which I didn't want to do while I was at the heaviest part of my training, and I'm eager to get started.

Ah well... enough whining. I still have five and a half days to look after myself, eat healthy, and rest up like I'm supposed to this week.
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