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Hard-bioled eggs seem to keep quite well, if the shells are unbroken. Even better, I see jars of pickled boiled eggs that seem to keep forever. It can't be hard to do - boil eggs, peel and brine them - er, right? Well, I am not sure, but there must be easy recipes online.

ETA1 - well, for me, I find peeling hard-boiled eggs and having them come out nice is not really all that easy.

ETA2 - I searched 'pickled eggs' and there is no shortage of recipes, although some are not preserving the eggs, but instead are a sort of salad. had lots, and there were plenty of other recipes. I found particularly intriguing the recipe for jalapeno pickeld eggs -,2...228202,00.html - those could pep up a picnic or a recipe.

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