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It was either Confucius, Mark Twain, or Paula Deen who said, "Don't start an internet game on a Monday, if that Monday is a Federal holiday, y'all, and you access the internet at a public library. Butter." So with that having been said, this edition will begin on Thursday. Here are your panelists:

First, John Cusack starred in a terrible movie based on his calendar system's uneventful expiration... Jay Temple!

Second, Patmos Island exile since last Tuesday... GenYus234!

Third, you might remember her one-night-only appearance on Broadway as Gozer The Gozerian, Gozer The Destructor, Gozer The Traveler, and that really huge Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man... ToadMagnet!

Fourth, his battle with the Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr, during the Ragnarok was talked about all around the world... MapleLeaf!

Fifth, the Devourer of Worlds who travels the universe with his herald, feeding on the life energy of entire planets... Canuckistan!

And finally, "It was all a dream!"... Roadie!

Questions will be PMed in mere moments, and we'll begin Match Game Apocalypse on Thursday!
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