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The orphan striking out on his own and doing grand things is a very strong theme in a lot of fairy tales and epics. If Disney stands out as having an unusual trend in showing parents, it is the presence of the father. So many of the 'kid makes good' tales have the father dead, even when there is a mother (usually in those cases, a supportive mother, but not daring). Disney heroes/heroines usually have fathers who are involved, from Bambi to Cinderella to Ariel to Belle to Mulan to even Lion King (at least the father makes appearances even after he is dead). Pinnocchio had Gepetto, as much a father as any. There are a few exceptions, such as Dumbo, and sometimes part of the conflict is between the father and child (Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Findding Nemo), but even in these, the father means well and clearly loves his children
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